Dr. Alejandro Herrera - Public Administrator in the Dominican Republic

About Dr. Alejandro Herrera

As the managing director of the Dominican Institute of Civil Aviation (IDAC) from 2011 to 2020, Dr. Alejandro Herrera headed an organization responsible for monitoring, regulating, and certifying aeronautical activity in the Dominican Republic. The IDAC also performs a variety of aviation safety and navigation functions. While working at the IDAC, Dr. Alejandro Herrera engendered numerous improvements to its operational and management models, earning accolades from organizations ranging from the Dominican Association of Technicians in Aeronautical Maintenance to the Senate of the Dominican Republic.

Over the course of a career that spans several decades, Dr. Herrera has also worked extensively in the fields of law and broadcasting. As a writer, Dr. Herrera has authored columns for a number of Dominican Republic newspapers as well as the books With One Foot in Each Century and La Gesta Restauradora. In 1983 La Gesta Restauradora took top honors in the Secondary Literary Contest.